Curiosity is the beginning of the solution

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Analyzing Shame Surrounding Mental Illness

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You don’t need to have it all figured out at the beginning, you just need a direction in mind and these 5 steps

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Step 1: Don’t be afraid to fall on your head

A Crash Course Into Buddhist Philosophy

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An Outline of Differing Parenting Styles

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Analyzing Unknown Variables and Universal Truths

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The Difference Between An Opinion, A Belief, And A Fact:

  • Opinions are consciously formulated thoughts that may or may not be applicable to our lives. They are comparable to judgements.
  • Beliefs

If I am water than perhaps…

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Four Steps To Bring Yourself Back to the Present

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My heritage told to a twelve-year-old boy

Photo Taken by Author Introspect of the island Saint Vincent

Discussing the Social Barriers to Sound Judgement

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Dual Processing Systems


A counselor writing about the human condition.

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